What with the strange person I saw and Edogawa's ghost story, it seemed like they were in on it all along.

I knew it.

I think that it was too absurd. Yeah, really.

Anyhow, what a tactless surprise party!

Well, but, they did work to that extent for my sake.

That makes me a little happy.

Incidentally, I said some terrible things to Kyouko, huh?

Though it didn't really seem like she was listening.


But really, though she has some strange points, she's not a bad girl.

She's always coughing and her throat seems bad, so I can't help but worry about her.

Next time, instead of something so lively,
I want to go somewhere quiet, alone, with Satoru.

Speaking of Satoru, he's still drawing those creepy pictures.

Endless cutely drawn pictures of suicidal cats.

Geez, I really wish you'd stop that! (sweat drop)

I tried bugging him about it, but it seems he doesn't care.

I recently realized that he seems to be imitating the style of some foreign cartoonist called something-or-other.

"In that case, draw rabbits like in the original!" I said.
This time around it really seems to be suicidal rabbits.

On this recent trip he also seemed to bring a sketchbook.
How much do you love it?!

Well, since I'm a cat lover, it's better than cats. Just kidding.