Album 1

A fun day at the beach

Album Photo Number One is the first photo, obtained by playing one round of normal mode. It depicts Edogawa , Uuji , and Age relaxing in the sun on a beach.


​Aah, the sun is good!​

Good, eh?

So, about tonight's dinner...

Ahh... I have no idea...

That's too bad. Lemme guess, is tonight's 
dinner canned food?

Are you still going on about that? It sucks!

Wait, there's no way we can catch fish here! We can't eat canned food either! We have to cook for ourselves. I brought the 
ingredients, after all!

I wish our dinner was grilled sea bream...

Shut up and help me cook. 

That's too much trouble. 

I need to draw more illustrations soon...

...I really couldn't ever depend on you two for survival.



  • In the background, behind the rock, you can see the bunny ears of Irisu's hat.
    • Reading the text causes A Request.txt  to appear in the game folder