Ending Transcript
Good Ending
Irisu, about to "attack" Age.



Point Requirement



Ageha.txt, photo.png is returned to normal

The Good Ending is unlocked in regular game mode by earning 20,000 points or more in one of the six games. It's infamously known as the fourth wall-breaking ending.


Alone with Kyouko, Age goes inside the cabin after resigning to give up searching for the others. There she finds Kyouko's collection of photos and notes, and begins to question her harshly. During this time Kyouko is not on screen and remains silent, until, after a pause, she emerges from the left side of the players desktop outside the window, carrying a nail-covered, bloody bat, slowly approaching Age. Age continues to speak and begins insulting Kyouko and her interest in Uujima. It is only after Kyouko is nearly feet away that she finally turns around in time to see her last images of Kyouko raising the weapon above her and preparing to strike as a thump is heard.

The game goes to black and the window closes.

Reopening the .exe will reveal that this was all some strange hoax, the stories, disappearances, and attacks, to set up a strange surprise party for Age's birthday. Uujima and Edogawa appear with gifts and party streamers to find Age on the ground with tears in her eyes. Kyouko's bat was really bread, which she is busy breaking open. Despite Age's cruelty towards her, she still wishes the girl a happy birthday.