Hatori Age
Age on the floor at her surprise birthday party.
Title Ageha (by Kyouko Irisu)




Eye Color


Hair Color

Light Salmon



Age Hatori acts like she's having a bit of fun.

On the inside, she's surely confused.

–Uujima, "Suicidal Rabbit Diary"

Hatori Age (安芸羽鳥 Age Hatori) is a friend to Edogawa and later to Uujima and Irisu. She is described as somewhat bubbly and seems to be the indirect reason the story's conflict is set into motion, when she becomes friends with and develops a crush on Uuji.


Takeru Edogawa - Close friend

Satoshi Uujima - Love interest

Kyouko Irisu - Rival, acquaintance

Physical AppearanceEdit

Age is a small girl (likely shortest of the four) with bright green eyes and coral-colored hair that is done in a side pony-tail with a red hair tie. In the photo taken before the story (photo.png in the game folder), she's seen to be wearing a number of colorful bracelets or hair ties on both arms and a red, unzipped hoodie with stripes at the cuffs and a heart logo on the left breast over a cream, baby doll ruffled shirt. With these she's also wearing what are assumed to be dark blue jeans.

During the events in the game, she wears an open, pale blue jacket with pockets over a button-up baby doll shirt with an orange top half and a dark green, ruffly bottom. Age also has on light yellow shorts cuffed to reach only her mid-thigh, below which are lime green stockings rising above the knee and red sneakers; her clothing altogether makes for a more contemporary and put together style than that of the other characters.


Throughout the story, Age often comes off as an optimistic but very sensitive and vulnerable type -- her first personal encounter with Uujima that set off their relationship is when she is sick in the hallway at school and he takes her somewhere to rest. Since that point, she and, consequently, Edogawa, take an appreciative liking to Uuji and begin to hang out with him, Age herself developing a crush.

She seems to be under the impression that because of his actions in saving her during her time of illness, they are now close friends. "Age Hatori is strangely intimate with me, both physically and mentally," Uujima writes in his diary. "For example, she gets really close to me. At some point, she started calling me by my first name," (Suicidal Rabbit Diary.txt, lines 325-331). Similar to Irisu, she seems to have felt a void of intimacy and, upon being shown kindness by Uujima, responds in an augmented, almost intrusive manner, even after such a short time in their relationship.

As evidenced by her actions and notes, Age Hatori is somewhat brash, but kind-hearted. She gets mad or accusatory fairly easily, but later will feel remorse upon understanding the situation. At the best of times, she is effervescent and cheerful, a quality Edogawa seems to enjoy but Uujima and Irisu may find shallow.

Trivia Edit

  • Ageha is around 160cm (5'2") tall. She's fairly normal.
  • Her personal pronoun is "Watashi"/"Atashi."
  • Her hobbies are music and movies.
  • Her favorite food is sweets.
  • She hates bugs.