Cutting off the rabbit's head with a saw is a terrible deed.

While listening to the sound of pouring rain, I get to work.

Even though its body is so small, its flesh and bones are unexpectedly tough.

My hands have been covered with blood and fat and fluids I can't identify.

Making a grinding sound, the blade progresses bit by bit.

Before long, the rabbit's head is separated from its body.

I leave just the rabbit's head on the ground.

Silently, the rabbit feels like it's staring at me.

Carrying the body of the rabbit, I left the cage.

While being drenched by rain, I headed for a corner of the schoolyard.

I hid the rabbit's body in a bush in the corner.

To the wash basin.

Clean my hands and the saw.

Carefully, every nook and cranny.

Carefully, to leave no traces.




At that point I opened my eyes.

It's been a long time since I've seen that dream.


Early that morning, I went to see how that rabbit was.

I chose a time when I would not interrupt the girl's visit.

When I looked through the cage, the rabbit was dead.

Dead as if it were sleeping.

As if it had gotten tired of living.

What will come of this rabbit's death?

I imagined the future.

An empty cage.

The rabbit, life and death forgotten.

The girl, once again completely alone.

That future is no good.

I felt that way.

The key to the cage?

In the locker in a corner of the schoolyard.

The moment I remembered it, I ran with all my strength.

In order to change the future.

By any means necessary.

Without my noticing, rain began to pour down.

While running breathlessly at full speed, various thoughts ran through my head.

The rabbit that silently vanished without anyone noticing, I wanted somebody to hold its memory in their heart.

Even if only in memories, I wanted them fo feel sorry for it.

If, in whatever form, the rabbit became a topic of conversation,

That girl who often took care of the rabbit would be able to talk with everyone. 

That would surely be a chance for her to fit in.

Various thoughts ran through my head.


Were my actions right?

After that, talk about the rabbit certainly increased.

"That's scary."

"We should be careful"

That's all that they said.

The true center of conversation was the lost cat.

A few days later.

The cat came back to the school.

Everyone was very pleased.

As for the rabbit, everyone had already forgotten it.

What happened to the girl?

I'll never know.

After the rabbit died, nobody saw her again.

Were my actions right?

In the end, I couldn't change the future.

If nobody else, I at least will keep that scarred rabbit deeply carved into myself.